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Category: Microsoft Dynamics 365

Discover the new Dynamics 365 in-app notification center

As a manager, would you like to receive an immediate notification on your cell phone when you win an important deal? Do you want to take immediate action if your colleagues register a complaint with one of your largest customers? This is possible with the new Dynamics 365 in-app notification center. A feature that will become available in 2021 for Dynamics 365 and PowerApps applications. Many customers create a dashboard, a ‘view’ or list, they use a queue to follow up on certain events. But each time the user is asked to follow up manually, the user has to navigate
Compare Online vs Onpremise D365

Is the end of Dynamics CRM/365 on-premises in sight?

We find that companies today are still using Dynamics 365 or Dynamics CRM on-premises. Although we work primarily with the online version of Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform for new projects, we are still encountering companies that have not yet made the move to the cloud. It looks like that won’t be long now. When I looked at the lifecycle documentation around Customer Engagement recently, I came across something that makes me think that Microsoft is completely ready to end this story altogether. Something that we knew would happen sooner or later. For those who are not aware of

Why the role of Marketing in Sales is a significant one?

Sales enablement   Today, there are more barriers than ever to selling. The modern sales process is buyer-led and organizations succeed by meeting buyer expectations, needs and questions. Buyers today are informed and expect brands to aid them in the education process. This can pose challenges to salespeople as they try to close deals, but it can also present tremendous opportunities. Sales enablement helps sales teams capitalize on those opportunities by reducing friction throughout the buying cycle. Sales enablement is the strategic, ongoing and cross-functional process of providing sales teams with the content, information, training and technology. They need to

Adobe Sign collaborates with Dynamics 365 for Sales and Sales Hub.

Accelerate the signing process with Adobe Sign and Dynamics 365 for Sales.   This allows you to close deals faster, reduce risk and increase retention with Dynamics 365 for Sales. Click, send and sign when you’re on your way. Send contracts, agreements, and other documents for signing anywhere, anytime, on any device with Dynamics 365 for Sales. Minimize errors and validate recipients of contracts. Merge data from Dynamics entities into contracts and use the integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to confirm that the recipient is the right person to sign the contract and close the deal before you send the

What’s New in Dynamics 365 For Sales?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 wave 2 – Sales   The 2020 release wave 2 for Microsoft’s CRM system further enables sellers to cater to buyers’ increasing preference for a smooth and streamlined digital buying experience. This is important and essential as we continue on the digital everything path necessitated by the pandemic. It also focuses on making tasks easier and more efficient for B2B sellers. There’s a lot to love in the 2020 release wave 2 update, but we’ve gathered some of our favorites for you.   Here are the highlights that B2B sellers will want to watch out for: Sales

5 Key Ingredients for a Successful CRM Implementation.

Whether you’re starting a new CRM initiative or salvaging an existing one, never underestimate the value of taking the time to gauge. If your organization has the key ingredients for a successful CRM implementation – before you decide to implement.     1. People and process first, software second The best CRM software doesn’t overcome process or people shortfalls. I continue to be surprised by how many companies fail to understand the impact of getting the people / process / technology mix right. Invest the time upfront to make sure your people and processes are in alignment. After that, introduce technology