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Is the end of Dynamics CRM/365 on-premises in sight?

Compare Online vs Onpremise D365

We find that companies today are still using Dynamics 365 or Dynamics CRM on-premises.

Although we work primarily with the online version of Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform for new projects, we are still encountering companies that have not yet made the move to the cloud. It looks like that won’t be long now. When I looked at the lifecycle documentation around Customer Engagement recently, I came across something that makes me think that Microsoft is completely ready to end this story altogether. Something that we knew would happen sooner or later.

For those who are not aware of the product life cycle at Microsoft. There are two types of polices: Fixed & Modern
The Modern Lifecycle Policy provides ongoing support and service for a product with no scheduled end date. Dynamics 365 Online falls under this Modern Lifecycle Policy.
The Fixed Lifecycle Policy provides support for a product over a 10-year period in two 5-year phases. This starts from the date of the product release


  • Phase one is Mainstream Support:

In which new features and functionality are provided along with security updates and bug patches. Imagine Outlook integration, LinkedIn integration, ai driven functionalities, etc… that increase the user’s productivity.

  • The second 5-year period is Extended Support:

In which no new features are introduced and support consists mainly of security updates with some (bug) hotfixes available for a fee.


In reviewing Dynamics CRM 2016, the Mainstream Support end date was 1/12/2021, five years after the 30/11/2015 release, and the Extended Support end date is 13/1/2026. So far there is nothing that is saying that Customer Engagement is going away as a whole, just that CRM 2016 is going through the normal lifecycle steps.

That is until you look at the Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement (v9.0) support dates. The Mainstream Support end date is 1/9/2024 which is not out of the ordinary for a 31/10/2018 release. However, when you look at the Extended Support end date it has the same end date as CRM 2016, 1/13/2026. If it were following the normal Fixed Lifecycle Policy, the Extended end date would not be until 1/9/2029. We are missing 3 full years of support!

It appears that the on-premises version of CRM/Dynamics 365 will no longer be available come 2026. Now is the time to start seriously thinking about preparing for and planning the transition to Dynamics 365 Online. As there are only 5 years left to complete the move. Would you like more information, free of obligation, about how we can determine the transition and planning for your company from Profility? You may always contact us for this, our experts will gladly help you on your way. Credits to Scott Florance for sharing this first.