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Discover the new Dynamics 365 in-app notification center


As a manager, would you like to receive an immediate notification on your cell phone when you win an important deal? Do you want to take immediate action if your colleagues register a complaint with one of your largest customers? This is possible with the new Dynamics 365 in-app notification center. A feature that will become available in 2021 for Dynamics 365 and PowerApps applications.

Powerapps in-app notification center
Dynamics 365 in-app notification center

Many customers create a dashboard, a ‘view’ or list, they use a queue to follow up on certain events. But each time the user is asked to follow up manually, the user has to navigate or take action themselves to receive new notifications. In many cases they then go back to notify them via email. Not an ideal situation for your end users.

Notify your users immediately via In-App notifications. These notifications appear within the application regardless of the screen the user is active on. Using the underlying PowerApps and Power Automate technology, these notifications can also be forwarded through other channels. For example, In-App Notifications suddenly become MSTeams chat messages or push notifications on your mobile phone, …

Are you like us convinced that notifications via mail is no longer ‘the way to go’. Then contact us today!

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